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Queue management in amusement parks

If there is one context in which queue management is key, it is that of amusement parks and theme parks around the world. It is clear that some are more popular than others and therefore receive a much higher number of visitors. However, the correct organisation of the waiting time for customers is essential in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

In this line, Dinycon has developed a cutting-edge system that rationalises the operation of queues and allows for greater fluidity. This is of paramount importance in amusement parks, especially during holiday periods such as the one we are currently experiencing. It is not in vain that Port Aventura (Tarragona), one of the oldest theme parks in our country, reached almost 5 million visitors last year. In 2017, 1.8 million people visited the Warner Park in Madrid. In total, 244 million visitors enjoyed the main theme parks around the world in 2017. Can you imagine if there was no efficient queue management? Our system was created in response to this pressing need. A need that becomes even more evident at peak attendance times. It is therefore a question of customer satisfaction, but also of security.

Our queue management system can be implemented not only in amusement parks, but also in other types of facilities such as cultural centres and football stadiums. This is why it is so important to study in advance the terrain in which to operate in order to adapt to the particularities of each space and the type of queues that form. In fact, adaptability is one of the Dinycon hallmarks. For example, when placing an automatic people counter and being certain that the maximum capacity is being respected in each space. In theme parks, it is also used to keep track of the number of visitors and to make the necessary statistics more quickly and accurately.