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Main advantages of the gauging control systems

Access control systems are proliferating beyond industrial or business environments. It is one of the most sought-after elements in event management. These systems have made the leap and it is increasingly easy to find them in hospitals, sports facilities, public administrations and meetings of all kinds. Normally, software is installed which, by means of parameters, allows us to analyse the profiles and access permissions. In addition, it facilitates the creation of reports and records of all the movements that have taken place at a given access point.

Undoubtedly, it allows us to obtain very relevant information, sometimes even in real time, in capacity control to study heat maps and many other objectives. Fingerprint readers can be installed to access certain enclosures, access turnstiles or vehicle access barriers.

Benefits of installing an access control system

Increase in security

It allows us to restrict access to all those people who do not have permission to do so. They are very useful in cases where it is essential to control which days different profiles can access, at what times or to which areas. In addition to knowing who enters, it is also possible that users may have to identify themselves in order to leave, which is very useful if we want to know the average time spent by users inside. In addition, if an incident occurs, it will be possible to know which people were inside. However, these issues are not usually applicable to large events.

Occupational risks

It is a fundamental issue to demarcate restricted or dangerous areas. If people cannot access these, it is easier to avoid an accident at work and other related problems.

Capacity control

This is a very important issue in the management of large events. Security managers will be able to have real-time information, managing too large a number of people to respect the capacity and avoid problems with a massive audience. They can even control the opening of doors and access.

Evacuation plans

If it is necessary to evacuate attendees, we will have accurate and up-to-date information on the exact number of people inside. In this way, we will be able to implement the most appropriate protocol for a safe evacuation.

At Dinycon we have the best solutions for people counting and event management. The most cutting-edge technology to obtain valuable information that can help optimise processes and improve the offer of events and shows, among other issues.