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Sanctuary of Loyola flow control

People couting at the Sanctuary of San Ignacio de Loyola (Azpeitia-Gipuzkoa)

Located in the town of Azpeitia (, it was built around the Medieval Tower House where Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, was born ( The initial phase lasted from 1689-1738 (Church and south wing) and the second phase from 1760-1767 (north wing).


People counter at the Basilica of Loyola.


Capacity control

We control the capacity by means of the counter system.


Provides security for visitors.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Real-time gauging control.

  • Information and data monitoring.

  • Carry out actions to improve capacity control in times of large influxes.

  • Guarantee security.

  • Expandable modular system.

"The system has provided us with accurate information that we were estimating through other channels. The results have yielded a real figure that is much higher than what we had been dealing with"

Responsible for the Basilica