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Capacity control on Santander beaches

Information on the level of occupation of the beaches in real time

Real-time information on occupancy levels

The capacity control system was deployed in a total of 8 beaches, restricting access to them through controlled accesses , in which bidirectional people counting sensors were installed , with high precision (greater than 97%) than in In real time they send the influx data to a central server , where the number of people in each controlled space and the occupancy level are calculated.

The influence of the tides is taken into account , a weight factor especially on the northern beaches. The information is shown in real time at each access to the beaches through information panels, LED type and traffic light; It can also be consulted through the internet.

Increases safety : automatic warning of approach or excess capacity.


Capacity control on Santander beaches


Capacity control

We control the capacity by means of the counter system.


It provides security for visitors.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Increases safety: Warns in real time if the capacity has reached or is approaching its maximum level

  • Builds trust: Citizens feel safe to know that the levels of occupancy are controlled to avoid contagion.

  • Efficient management of beaches and public services: With the information in real time, resources are optimised and visitors can choose which beach to go to.

"The influx to the beaches has been more orderly and we have avoided crowds. The capacity control system deployed in the 8 beaches, transmits tranquility and confidence to users, seeing the level of occupation in real time on information panels; they understand why at some point the beach should be closed and they have to wait in a queue".

Gema Igual - Mayor of Santander