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Museum of Arts and Sciences

The Museum of Arts and Sciences takes its first steps to adapt its offer to the new normal once the de-escalation is already a fact.

One of the first reference centers to adopt concrete measures in the face of phase 3 of Covid-19 , is the CACV which, hand in hand with Dinycon Sistemas , opens its doors ensuring a safe environment for its visitors, who are going to be able to enjoy both open spaces such as exhibition halls, yes, in smaller groups.

Both the Hemisferi and the Science Museum comply with all security measures through the system of sensors installed by Dinycon Systems , to which is added a key element for the display and knowledge of the capacity status in real time through of Visualization Displays, which will be in view of the museum"s visitors.


Capacity and visitor flow control of the Science Museum


Capacity control

Know in real time the capacity in each space.


It provides the necessary security and confidence for visitors.

Advantages and benefits

  • Monitoring of capacity and occupation in real time.

  • Guarantee the safety of public space.

  • Trust and peace of mind for managers.

  • Possibility of establishing capacity alarms.

  • Capacity display: improves the image of the establishment.

  • Information accessible to customers for their decision making.

  • Access to historical data to identify trends.

"With Dinycon, we have the flow data for each access and its capacity in real time. This data allows us to optimize the management of the facilities and better attention to visitors."

Luis F. Mayorgas - Technician City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia