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Behobia-San Sebastián popular race

Runner count at the finish line in the popular Behobia-San Sebastián race

This is more than a simple race, this is a very relevant event that combines sports with festivities, including all type of athletes, and that somehow increases the number of runners and aidience every year.

Being one of the most popular races with a great number of athletes, it is required, due to safety and control reasons, to know how many athletes are participating. Since all officially registered wear an identity bracelet, there are many others that do not register officially; therefore, the organizer required a system to detect them.


Attendance control in sporting events


Registration control

We control the number of people attending the event.

Easy installation

Discreet and easy to install system.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Detection of the percentage of unregistered athletes.

  • Information to the organizers to better size the assistance and refreshment services along the race and at the finish line.

  • Improve the image of the race by incorporating technologies that allow better control.