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Smart Kalea

People counting and tracking at the Historic Part and other neighborhoods of San Sebastián

The historic part of San Sebastian is one of the most touristic areas in the city, in part because it is a pedestrian zone with a significant commercial activity and a worldwide recognised place for their typical food ‘pintxos’.

The flow of visitors is very important; “Fomento de San Sebastián” launched a promotional project called ‘Smartkalea’, in which sensors were installed in one of the main avenues of the Historic Part. In order to obtain data and improve the management of the area, people counting and tracking system was deployed to obtain precise information on the mobility of people, the flow of people in the controlled streets and the origin/destination of people; this information was of great use to commerce and hospitality, as well as to the City Council itself, which can monitor the situation in real time and act in situations such as crowds.


Smart Kalea·s experience in Donostia-San Sebastián



Controls inflow at different times.


It knows the movement of pedestrians.


Helps businesses with access to data.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Flow and occupancy information in real time.

  • Stays and average occupancy.

  • Flows and busiest areas.

  • Assessment of the commercial spaces.

  • Most common paths.

“The information provided by the counting system has let us visualize the busiest times and adjust the opening hours to the public accordingly, improving as consequence the results of the business”

Mirem - Owner ADA Sports