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Tourist villages in Gipuzkoa

Counting and tracking of people in tourist villages in Gipuzkoa

One of the objectives of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council"s Tourism Department is to distribute the significant flow of tourists attracted by the capital, Donostia-San Sebastián, to other places of tourist attraction in the province, with its beach and mountain scenery, its monuments and museums and, of course, its world-renowned gastronomy.

The Diputación has a tourism office in the capital, through which it uses the media and different campaigns to try to bring visitors to these beautiful places in the province. To measure the impact of this influx, there is currently no reliable data available; different metrics are used, such as the number of overnight stays, airline tickets, etc.; new sources have just been incorporated, such as credit card consumption in establishments, data from mobile phone operators, but there is still a lack of more precise information on the influx to these destinations and the routes taken by tourists during their visits and where they come from. This information would allow the Diputación to launch its promotional campaigns more efficiently.


Visitor tracking in the province of Gipuzkoa



It controls the influx of visitors in different areas of a territory.


Knows the route taken by tourists over a wide area.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Accurate headcount data at the Tourist Office and other locations.

  • Most common routes and times used.

  • Origin of visitors (pilot).

  • Occupancy forecast by time slots and days.

  • Measuring the impact of a campaign.

"The information provided to us by the system allows us to direct our tourism promotion campaigns to areas where we have detected a greater potential for consumption; it also allows us to measure the distribution of tourism in the Territory and thus enhance certain actions".

Press Gipuzkoa Provincial Council