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City of Arts and Sciences

People counting and capacity control in different spaces of the Museum

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is one of the most significant architectural works in Spain . Its futuristic design in a spectacular environment like the city of Valencia, makes it a must-see. For better management, those responsible requested a system for counting and controlling influxes in real time, which will provide them with the capacity data of each room as well as the global facilities and without causing any damage to the architectural design. Dinycont has offered them the solution to suit them.


Counting and Tracking City of Arts and Sciences


Capacity Control

Real-time capacity of each room.

Integrated on premises

Without causing any damage to the architectural design.

Advantages and benefits

  • Statistical data

  • Security

  • Influx forecast

  • Modular solution: Expandable

"With Dinycont we have the flow data for each access and its capacity in real time. This data allows us to optimize the management of the facilities and better attention to visitors."

Luis F. Mayorgas - Technician City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia