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Joaquín Sorolla Station. Renfe AVE Valencia

People counting and capacity control at ·Joaquín Sorolla· AVE station (Valencia)

AVE "Joaquín Sorolla" Station has a spacious area for passengers an companions, with ticket’s sales area, coffee shops, left-luggage office, parking and several commercial premises; this area is delimited by the accesses to platforms in both ways, for the entry and exit of passengers, as well as by the exterior accesses (coffee shops, parking, and main entrances).

Passenger traffic is high, and the lenght of stay is relevant in many cases; therefore, an appropriate management of the spaces, offering services of interest to passengers, may generate a positive experience for them. This require having information of people’s inflow, occupation, average stays, etc., that can optimize the management of the space. Currently, there is not a reliable people’s counting system, which is a necessary tool to optimize the management of the space.


Valencia AVE station project


Advantages and Benefits

  • Inflow’s information and occupation in real time

  • Stays and average occupation

  • Detection of flows and areas with more traffic

  • Assessment of the commercial areas

  • Resources adaptation to the needs


Controls inflow at different times.


Knows the movement of the attendees.

"When I arrive to the train station, everything works perfectly".

Ioana Vadillo - Executive


"The information provided by the counting system has let us assess the commercial premises in a more adequate way".

Marketing Director ADIF Valencia