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La Morea Shopping Center

People counting. La Morea Shopping Center and FNAC (Navarra)

La Morea Shopping Center was the first large shopping center built in Navarra; it was inaugurated in October 2002; with more than 15 years of experience, it is still today the reference shopping center in the area. It has a parking lot with a total capacity of 2,600 free parking spaces, more than 100 stores, 14 restaurants, multiplex cinemas, a Leclerc hypermarket and one of the main FNAC stores in Spain. It is located in an area of great commercial activity, surrounded by medium-sized stores and with quick access from the highway.

At present, the center did not have an automatic people counting system, with some manual counting being performed on occasion; there was also no knowledge of internal traffic, so the center"s management decided to acquire a counting system that would provide this information in real time, with a high level of accuracy to improve management.


Capacity control and tracking in shopping malls



Controls inflow at different times.


Knows the movement of the attendees.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Inflow’s information in real time.

  • Detection of Internal traffic and flow to the main premises.

  • Detection of flows and areas with more traffic.

  • Assessment of the commercial areas.

  • Resources’ adaptation to the needs.