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Alcázar and Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

Flows of people in the Mosque-Cathedral and the Alcázar of Córdoba

The city of Córdoba has a wide catalog of monuments, in fact its historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO . Among them, the Cathedral-Mosque and the Alcázar de los Reyes Católicos stand out.

Both the Cathedral Chapter (responsible for the Cathedral-Mosque) and the Municipal Museums (responsible for the Alcázar), required a powerful tool that would integrate people counting in order to determine the influx of visitors, their distribution by time slots, as well as occupation to control capacity. In addition, it was intended that the implemented solution be integrated into the aesthetics of each of the monuments.


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Capacity Control

We control the capacity through the counter system.

Integrated into the monument

One of the fundamental requirements was the integration of the system in the ecosystem of the monuments.

Advantages and benefits

After analyzing the problem, the solution was to install DinyCONT that integrates:

  • 5 thermal technology sensors at the 4 entrances to the Cathedral.
  • Communications network for sensors.
  • Control post that integrates the Software.
  • DinyCONT for data capture, visualization, processing and archiving.

The sensors detect the entrances and exits through the accesses and the movements in the defined areas of vision, registering this data in its memory every minute. The team can record this information for several weeks, so it can work autonomously.

Exclusion zones can be defined, so that an email can be sent to an email address, notifying the alarm.

The sensors dump the data to the control post for consultation, since the DinyCONT solution has a complete consultation panel that allows obtaining all kinds of reports: temporary, comparative, average stays...