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Zergatik Fashion Stores

Control of the influx and permanence of customers in the store network.

Zergatik designs and manufactures its fashion collections ; a brand with its own original, alternative and modern style, based on symmetrical cuts, fusion of fabrics and colorful prints. Garments designed for women who like to have fun with fashion and their own style.

Present in 7 Spanish cities, there was no information on influx to the network of stores deployed, so information was only received from store sales data, without being able to analyze their potential based on precise influx data and stay of its clients.


Download the solution datasheet



Control the influx at different times.


Know the time of permanence of the clients.

Centralized data

Check the data of all the stores in a single source.

"Thanks to DinyCONT, we have a powerful management tool that provides us with very valuable marketing information."