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San Martin Market in Donostia

Control of influx in all spaces of the Market

Since its construction, in 1884, until today, San Martín is a symbol of the social, cultural and economic evolution of San Sebastián, perfectly integrating the advantages of the traditional market and modern shopping centers.

The adaptation of the building made it possible to pedestrianize three of its surrounding streets, generating a new public space. The accessibility of the area was also improved by creating an underground car park with 600 spaces.

The center did not have a reliable and accurate people counting system, so the center management decided to install an automatic counting system that, in real time, would provide this information with a high level of precision, to integrate it into its management tools. management.


Capacity Control and Tracking in San Martín Market


Capacity Control

Influx Car parks Shopping Center

People tracking

Accessibility and Data Visualization

Advantages and benefits

  • Flow information in real time.

  • Internal traffic and influx to the premises.

  • Flows and busiest areas.

  • Valuation of commercial spaces.

  • Adequacy of resources to needs.

  • Planning and maintenance of differentiated spaces.

"The information that the counting system offers us allows us to make a more adequate assessment of the commercial spaces and to know the internal dynamics of the Center".

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