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Vehicle and Person Counts Picos de Europa National Park

Vehicle Parking System and People Counting in the Picos de Europa National Park

It is one of the natural wonders of Spain. Its great natural beauty means that thousands of people come to visit it. The authorities in the area required information on the number of visitors and vehicles in real time, from three different access points: Fuente Dé, Covadonga and Posada de Valdeón.

As this is a place that attracts so many visitors, it was necessary to develop a vehicle parking system and a people counting system in order not to saturate the environment and to guarantee its conservation. Another concern was the integration of the solutions in such a way that they would cause the least possible impact on the environment and the ecosystem of the area, for which solar panels were installed and the park"s own facilities were used.


Vehicle and People Counting


People counting

Real-time people counting.

Vehicle parking system

Vehicle differentiation system (passenger cars, vans and buses).

Advantages and Benefits

  • Real-time control of three accesses.

  • Data reporting and monitoring.

  • Optimization of parking spaces according to vehicle categories.

  • Improving the image of the national park.