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Durango Book Fair

People counting and seating capacity control Durango Book Fair (Durangoko Azoka)

Each year, the most important Book and Basque Record Fair (Durangoko Azoka) takes place in the Basque town of Durango. Dinycon Sistemas has been installing since 2011, the people’s counting and flow control system DinyCONT. With this system, the event has proven to offer maximum security to visitors and at the same time, it has provided flow data in real time to the organization.

The Azoka of Durango takes place each December, concurring with the bank holiday of “La Inmaculada”. More than 200,000 people attend during the five days of the event. Landako is an exhibition site of difficult control due its multiple entrances (11 in total) and the high number of visitors who concentrate in a short period of time in a small area, causing security problems. The organisation considered the need to install a flow control system that offers real time data guaranteeing the safety of the event.


Landako capacity control


Capacity control

We control the capacity by means of the counter system.


Provides security for visitors.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Flow control in real time

  • Information and data monitoring

  • Enhanced flow control during seasons of high inflow

  • Guarantee safety