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Atlantikaldia Festival

Counting, capacity control and people tracking at the Atlantikaldia Festival (Rentería, Gipuzkoa) 2016-2017.

Atlantikaldia is an annual festival that takes place at the streets of Rentería (Guipúzcoa). The cultural and musical encounter was originated in 2014 under three main bases: to recover the maritime memory of Rentería, to inspire the city to look at the world and to inspire the world to look at Rentería.

TheDepartment of Culture of Rentería’s Council, wanted to obtain during the four days that the festival last, details of the people’s flow through the different streets of the city. Real time data was provided to local authorities, so they were able to keep the security of the festival and an optimal organisation during the whole event. On the other hand, visitors were able to plan their visit to the events, knowing the occupancy level at each of them.


Counting and tracking at the event



Controls inflow at different times.


Knows the movement of the attendees.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Information on the people’s tracking at different points.

  • Information on the people’s flow.

  • Assessment on the impact of the event.

  • Occupancy foresight by time zones and days.

  • Complete control and security at the event.

“The information provided has been of great value to measure the impact of the festival and the different events. With these data, our aim is to improve the festival in the coming years so that this event continues to be a reference for other cultural events”

Ana Espinosa - Atlantikaldia