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Pilar festivities in Zaragoza 2022

Counting and Capacity Control in the Pilar Square during the Pilar Festivities 2022

Through this project, Dinycon has once again worked together with the Zaragoza City Council on the solution for the capacity control of the Pilar festivities. After a long wait of 2 years, due to the COVID-19 problem, a large influx of people was expected, who had a high level of interest in enjoying the Pilar festivities again that year. At the same time, traffic in the city also increased, causing saturation at the various entrances to the area and making it essential to have a reliable control system.

The City Council has managed, with the capacity control system deployed, to guarantee security at the most crowded events, and we are also aware of the impact of the activities organised in this square”. Raúl Ortega - Culture Technician Zaragoza City Council


Download the Pilar de Zaragoza Success Story in PDF


Flow Counting and Capacity Control

Real-time information

Non-invasive external counting

Advantages and Benefits

  • Improved security in the fairgrounds.

  • Statistical information on the capacity of the various events held.

  • Preservation of the environmental value of the festivities.

  • Accurate real-time flow information.

  • Improved mobility management.

  • Improving the quality of attention to visitors and users.

  • Deployment in record time (1 week).

  • Solution to the problem of latency in communications during mass events, thanks to our extensive experience, using the right technologies and system configuration skills.

"Between 8 and 16 October, the Pilar Square has registered the flow, the sum of entrances and exits, of 1,735,075 people; this is the figure offered by the new automated people counting system that has been installed for these festivities and that, for the first time, has allowed us to know the real influx of people attending the various events held in the square".

Sara Fernández - Deputy Mayoress of Zaragoza