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Donostia·s Sports Centre Network.

Real-time information on the occupation of gyms and swimming pools via internet and in the sports centres themselves.

The Patronato Municipal de Deportes of San Sebastián, an Autonomous Body belonging to the City Council, manages the network of sports centres in the city; this network comprises a total of 11 sports centres, which serve the whole city.

Currently, information is available on the number of users who attend each sports centre, either with their membership card or by purchasing individual tickets; however, there is no information available on the use of indoor facilities (gyms, swimming pools, etc.) or their occupation at any given time, which makes the management of these spaces complex; nor do users know the current situation or forecast of occupation, which can lead to situations of saturation when visiting the facilities.

The aim is to deploy a solution that provides both managers and users with information on the occupation of the facilities in order to optimise management and offer a better service to users.


Real-time traffic flow consultation


People counting

Statistical count of passing through a point.

Access for users

Users can consult the data in real time.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Real-time occupancy information.

  • Optimisation of HR and use of facilities.

  • Occupancy and average stays.

  • Occupancy forecast by time slots and days.

  • Plan visits, depending on the occupancy of the facilities.

"The information I can consult through the website allows me to plan my sporting activity and to go to the nearby facilities with greater availability; I go with total peace of mind to do sport".

Ernesto Rezola - User