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Smartcity A Coruña

License plate reading, vehicle tracking and Totems

A Coruna. Capital of the province with the same name, located in the Rías Altas, A Coruña is an important historic port (it still is today).

In an attempt to improve the quality of life of citizens in this city, Dinycon joins three major technology companies to carry out the project to bring it as close as possible to the concept of Smart City and correct existing traffic problems.

With the DinyPARK solution, the counting, classification and tracking of vehicles throughout the city is facilitated. Likewise, with the placement of several totems, citizens are informed of the state of the traffic in the same and in real time so that they can take alternative routes before joining a road with retentions.


Download the solution implemented in A Coruña


Vehicle Tracking

It quantifies and qualifies the vehicles of the city.

Traffic status

The citizen knows the state of the traffic.