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Information on free parking spaces in Donostia

Information System for free car parks in Donostia - San Sebastián

Donostia-San Sebastián is a city of significant tourist attraction that has 15
public car parks. Between 60% and 70% of visitors/tourists arrive to the city by car, as the public transport (train or plane) is not optimal. This often creates situations of excessive saturation in the city, which worsens considerably during periods of high tourstic flow, causing serious mobility problems.

In the past, there were some informative panels that indicated the free spaces using green/red lights. However, this information was inssuficient originating unnecessary traffic in the city centre, due to the number of people trying to park their cars on the roads, even though there were free spaces in the car parks. As a result, the City Council identified the need to have a more efficient mobility management.


Smart City vacancy project


Free places

Displays in real time the number of free spaces in each parking lot.

Improves traffic

Drivers will be able to better choose the free parking lot where to park.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Real time information about free car parks.

  • Reduction of unnecessary traffic in the city centre.

  • Visitors attraction by facilitating parking.

  • Mobility improvement.

  • Noise and pollution removal.

“I easily find free space to park; the days where I foresee more saturation, I check the website to avoid getting into the city if it is collapsed”

Aitor Zubiri - Citizen