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Information on free parking spaces in Aranda de Duero

Information system for free parking spaces in Aranda de Duero

The aim of the city council was to get the most out of the city"s blue zone parking spaces.

The main problem in this town was that 30% of the traffic that circulated through the area did so in order to park in the city centre. In this way, the City Council found that the car park located in Jardines de Don Diego was collapsing while the car parks in the rest of the city were under-utilised.

For this, the company EYSA worked with Dinycon to solve this situation.


Free places Aranda de Duero


Free places

It shows in real time the number of free spaces in each car park.

Improves traffic

Drivers will be able to better choose the free parking lot where to park.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Reduces user stress when looking for parking: less traffic, less traffic jams.

  • Reduced fuel costs.

  • Reduced time spent in the vehicle.

  • Better time planning.

"They will improve the quality of life and the environment, but they also represent a commitment to improving the historic centre and local commerce, because if I know from my own mobile phone that there are free parking spaces in the centre, it is easier for me to use the spaces in this area"

Raquel González - Mayoress of Aranda