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Information free parking spaces in Amorebieta-Etxano

Information system for free parking spaces in Amorebieta-Etxano

Amorebieta-Etxano is a geographically strategic municipality due to its location, since it is a link between different cities and towns in Bizkaia. For this reason and for its more than 17,000 inhabitants; currently parking in the entire city is free, there is no OTA and people tend to park in the city center; however, there are 6 car parks , all very close to the center and their use is not optimal; As a consequence, unnecessary traffic is created in the center in search of parking, with spaces available in the aforementioned parking lots.

The city council saw the need to manage mobility more efficiently, trying to get vehicles to park in the indicated car parks, so that noise and pollution will be reduced, facilitating the orderly occupation of car parks and avoiding the circulation of vehicles through the city center in search of parking.


Information on free places in medium-sized cities


Free places

It shows in real time the number of free spaces in each car park.

Improve traffic

Drivers will be able to better choose the free parking lot where to park.

Advantages and benefits

  • Information on free places in real time.

  • Reduction of unnecessary traffic in the urban center.

  • Attraction of the visitor by facilitating parking.

  • Improvement in mobility.

  • Elimination of noise and pollution.

"When I get to Amorebieta, I no longer worry about parking."

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