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DinyPARK CITY in Ereaga - Getxo

Information system for free parking spaces at Ereaga beach (Getxo)

Ereaga beach, in Getxo, has a wide stretch of sand nearly a kilometer long with very fine, tan-colored sand, which makes the beach even more beautiful. For this reason, it also has a high occupancy rate, especially during the summer months. This sandy area joins the two ports of the town. Both are worth a visit, as walking through them and seeing all the ships and boats that are moored to them has a really special charm.

The beach has a large parking area, but it does not cover the demand for spaces, considering that it is the closest beach to Bilbao; the problem is that there is only one access to the area, it is a long distance and if the car parks are full, the user has to return after a long turn, causing great discomfort.

Due to the distribution of the parking spaces along the beach line, extending to the Old Port, the sensorization of all the spaces to know the free spaces is complex; A high investment and civil works would have been necessary that would have made it difficult to execute it in sustainable terms; We made a proposal for a mixed solution, with a deployment of cameras that covered the most dispersed parking areas, with their image analytics and control by counting the entrances and exits of vehicles to the Old Port.


Download in PDF the Success Story Ereaga - Getxo


Status of Parking Spaces

Traffic optimization in the area

Increased security

Access to data in real time

Reduction in rotation times

Advantages and benefits

  • Preservation of the environmental value of the area.

  • Information on free places in real time.

  • Access to information via the internet.

  • Reduction of traffic and bottlenecks.

  • Information on Places for Reduced Mobility - PMR.

  • Improved mobility in the area.

  • Positive user experience.

"With image analytics we can also detect the occupation of PMR places. The information is published in a set of information panels at strategic points, such as the main access to the beach, so that we prevent the user from entering the sandbank, if sees that there are no free loops".