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Banco Azteca

Measuring queues and time spent at Banco Azteca branches

Control of queues and permanence

The purpose of the bank was to obtain accurate data on several areas such as: arrival, number of people at the queue, waiting times, dropout rates, overflowing and transaction times at checkouts; and use this information to properly utilize their resources to improve their customer service.


Queue and time management at counters


Queue Control

Waiting time in lines.

Attention at counters

Time of attention at the counters.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Determine the branches with the highest traffic.

  • Improve customer service

  • Adequately redistribute the spaces

  • Adjust resources to the needs in real time

  • Integration with business data

“We knew the complexity and high level of accuracy required in the validation criteria. Dinycon completely exceeded the expectations.”,

José Juan Flores Martínez - Gerente de Caja Humana