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Real-time capacity control

DinyCONT is an important management tool that allows us to know the influx in each controlled area, with an accuracy of more than 97%, obtaining statistical reports on occupancy and average stay and by area, comparisons in similar periods of time, etc.

The DinyCONT people counting system allows us to know the influx of visitors, both external and internal transit, with its distribution by time slots and occupation, as well as to control the capacity, with information on the occupation in real time. The data is recorded and saved for later consultation and to obtain historical reports. The data is recorded periodically in the database and, through the consultation panel of our platform, we can visualise historical reports by applying different filters.

Depending on the access to be controlled (dimensions, flow intensity, etc.), we select the most suitable technology, taking into account the restrictions of the same in terms of installation heights and passage width coverage. We integrate from basic technology, such as photocells in narrow passages, to the most advanced technologies, such as thermal vision, 2D cameras, 3D cameras and laser.

The sensors differentiate the direction of passage of people and register the number of people passing in one direction or the other in the controlled access. It can also inform us, through origin-destination matrices, of the routes taken.

The control and data processing station will receive the information from the counting sensors installed at the entrances, visualise the flow of people in real time and periodically archive the information for further processing.

With the visitor information, you can obtain statistical data on average visitor stays, peak times, visitor/sales ratios; it also allows you to relate the data between different areas, such as how many people enter in relation to the number of people passing in front of the door, the shop window, the exhibitor, etc.

We can know the time spent in an area, the most common routes (several points along the route are defined where the device must be detected) and the time spent on them.

The data are anonymous; it is not possible to identify them personally. To access the application, users will type the IP address where the web server is hosted, using one of the most common browsers (Mozilla, Explorer, Chrome...); an identification screen will be displayed and, once their credentials have been validated, they will access the functionality they are authorised to use.

Solutions for Libraries, Museums and Cultural Centres

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