For an optimal management of events, seating control plays an essential role. Its importance has increased in the last years due to the fact that the security requirements are increasingly strict. Thus, having the appropiate technological solution can help to facilitate the work to the responsible entities at the time of taking charge of this area. We have developed a specific solution for this purpose, fitting the features of our system DinyCONT to the requirements of the security in public spaces. 

With DinyCONT Seating, the responsibles of the organization of the events can be benefited with the reliability of the sum of several technologies of high precission to control the seating in real-time. Our system can work with termic or stereoscopoic and laser vision. Its implementation is easy and can be used both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, we facilitate the monitoring of data, with an access on a local server or by using technologies through the cloud.

Seating control for event managements in gipuzkoa

Taking account the requirements that we are asked by our clients in this area, we have implemented on our services the features which are more usefull for them. Evenmore, they can set up automatic warnings in case of seating excess. Also, they can look for historical registers of affluences. The statisctical value of the data is also very present in our systems, so that it will have highly usefull information for the planning and managee¡ment of the resources, without forgetting the applications on marketing area.

With DinyCONT our clients will be able to combine the precission and accesibility that the seating control requires in real-time with a large configuration of statistics. All this, with the guarantees of an specialized engineering that already has the confidence of several public and private organizations.