More and more cities are interested in incorporating technology for bicycles counting in certain strategic points of their streets. It is an efficient way to obtain detailed statistics of the volumen, distribution (time zone by hour or day), influence on traffic…of the use of that mean of transport. This data can provide a complet view and are a great database of information to carry out the required actions. It is an initiative that links perfectly with the smart city concept which is increasingly taken into account by the councils at the time of taking advantage of technology for the benefit of citizen services. Here is the area where our solutions put within reach of the public organizations to cyclist counting or many other functions in the activity of the city. We are system engineers with an particular specialization on mobility area developing integral solutions which can make easier the automatic obtaining of data and its management in real-time to approach to aspects as traffic regulation and parking places.

Bicycle counting intelligent system

Concerning to bicycle counting, we have successfully developed a remarkable project in such a relevant site as la concha seaside walk of san sebastian city. There, we have installed a counter which, instead of providing the council several statisctics, offers to the visitors who passes by there interesting real-time data. It works as the same time like automatic people counter, a technology that is very usefull for our clients –public and private organizations which demand our solutions-.

You can look for our intelligent solutions with which we can provide efficiency to all kinds of managment of affluences, also indoors. We have a queue control system which is as adaptable as all the solutions we provide.