Wherever an automatic people count is required, both to control the affluence of people or the seating, and when the main interest is to obtain statistics about access and behaviour, all these features can be provided by dinycont solution. Based on our specialization on mobility area and our innovative vocation, we have developed a highly adaptable solution which emphasizes its modular feature. In this way, each client can control the specific characteristics and features it is interested in obtaining from our technology.

Automatic people counter with adaptable characteristics

Automatic people counting is highly reliable and effective: it presents a 95% precision and provides our clients with several options as real-time monitoring –with the possibility of accessing the data in the cloud from different devices- or integration with other systems. We can highlight, instead that the necessary physical equipment, can be installed in a fix way or on a portable mode, so that client can obtain the better profit from it. The detailed statistics offered by dinycont are very usefull to entities with diverse interests, for applying them on real-time or in long-term studies. You can look for the solutions we offer, with particular attention to the required features to the concept of smart city and the qualification to design systems that satisfy the needs of our clients. We have developed a bicycle counting system for the city of san sebastian which is inastalled in the city center. Our capacity to develop solutions that contibute to monitoring and optimize people flux is also refelcted in our queue management system.