In spaces dedicated to customer service, managing queues is a usual problema, albeit, not one without solution. We have entered this area to provide our clients with the posibility of installing a system which improves the performance of the queues, and allow them function in a more fluid and clear fashion. You can count on us to make rush hour not a problem any more in any spaces you are in charge of. We commit our capacity for innovation into the development of solutions which contribute to a more fluid and satisfactory management in areas such as this, based on a good application of the capabilities provided by the available technologies.

Technology applied to queues

A system to manage queues can be implemented in instalations with differrent characteristics, so it has to have adaptable features that can be molded to the demands of each space, the type of queue and the established turn system on it. Adaptability is a feature that defines all the products of Dinycon. For example, our automatic people counter: a system which is practical, flexible and offers various utilities to reach different objectives, based on detailed influx statistics. In Dinycon we actively work with public entities and private businesses to develop solutions that put technology at the service of more efficient processes, in particular where influx of people and vehicles mobility is concerned. In all those cases, we can highlight the fact that our integral systems often provide a positive impact on the comfort of the people involved. This is achieved by introducing methods that help racionalize turns management, influx shifts or occupation level control and by offering statistics that serve as a basis for taking the required actions.