What are they?


More and more cities are looking for solutions to become more intelligent, to join the network of smart cities in Spain and start projects which improve the administration of these cities, with the use of new technologies contributing to the collective progress of the city, having beneficial effects on the activity of the city and the life of the inhabitants. Dinycon makes cities better managed places which are more efficient and more comfortable, and improve the experience of the inhabitants.

We provide solutions for the mobility of people, from indoor and outdoor head count, person tracking in outdoor areas and spaces, and capacity control for security in public spaces.

We also offer solutions for the movement of vehicles in car parks, providing information on the availability of free spaces in the city through parking panels; also of traffic, carrying out the count and classification of vehicles, the average speed on certain roads, origin destination matrices.

In all aspects of business we are able to make an important contribution to the improvement of the administration of the city.

Technology for Smart cities in Spain

Without a doubt, one of the aspects in which we can establish the difference between these types of projects is what is known as parking management, with special solutions for those who are disabled.

The DinyPARK-city system offers parking in the streets and public car parks of a city, improving mobility and reducing atmospheric pollution.

A system is installed which allows us to know, in real time, the free spaces in each parking area, showing information on information panels and on the Internet and mobile phone applications (Apps). By using a Smartphone, the user can locate free spaces and even book one.