DinyCONT: System for people counting, controlling capacities and tracking people..

DinyCONT offers exact information on flow and tracking of people in both indoor and outdoor public spaces. With this information we can identify more efficient marketing strategies, optimise the distribution of interior spaces, define operation strategies and better planning of resources.

In this way, in business areas for example, we can achieve a better sales/flow ratio conversion, obtaining better exploitation of the area, achieving a quick return on the investment.

dinycont donostiSpecifications

  • Scalable system.
  • Monitoring data in real time.
  • Can be integrated into other systems.
  • High precision in the count (over 95%).
  • Identification of hot and cold spots.
  • Fixed or portable installation.
  • Local server or in the cloud. Internet or Smartphone access.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Better profile
  • Flow and occupancy prediction
  • Planning and optimisation of resources
  • Statistical data gathering:
  • • Measuring marketing campaigns
  • • Evolution of flow by days and time slots
  • • Average stays
  • • Efficient organisation of business areas

Individual solutions

  1. DINYCONT-AFLUENCIAS: Counts and average stays
  2. DINYCONT-AFORO: Security in public spaces
  3. DINYCONT-TRACKING: Movement of people and heat maps

We can achieve a map identifying the areas with the highest presence of people and the paths of these people, thus being able to see the most attractive areas.



  1. ATPOINTS: geomarketing App

Atpoints is a geomarketing solution, based on the location of people, by means of GPS coordinates outdoors and beacons indoors; in order for this to work, the app has to be downloaded, having been previously advertised, offering some advantages (free Wifi, points etc.) so that the users can receive these promotions on their mobiles. The beacons transmit low energy Bluetooth signals(BLE) which can be received on nearby mobiles and , through the APP Atpoints, the users receive the promotions. A content manager will allow the establishment to transmit the communications in an easy, visual manner.