DinyPARK is a solution for the movement of vehicles, based on the management of infrastructures (car parks and public roadways)

Regarding car parks, we facilitate the location of free spaces for users, informing them of the availability of spaces in car parks through information panels and mobile phone applications; once in the car park, by using a guidance system, the user will easily find the parking space.

The system includes a new method for the booking and management of parking spaces by means of the Internet or a Smartphone, it is a value-added service for the user. This tool allows the increase in the number of clients and their loyalty, improving the results of the operation of the car park.

DinyPARK. Park. Guide to free spaces

dinypark donostiSpecifications

  • Wireless sensors detecting the status of the parking space.
  • Detection and individual guidance to the spaces
  • Directions to the free spaces by means of information panels
  • Booking and assignment of spaces
  • Visualisation of data in real-time (Internet, smartphones)
  • Scalable system

Advantages and Benefits

  • An increase in profits
  • Savings in operating costs
  • Profile improvement
  • Customer loyalty and attraction
  • Free space forecasting

Individual solutions

  • DinyPARK CITY: Information of free parking spaces in the city. By centralising the data regarding free spaces and areas of limited parking, updated information can be visualised on information panels in the city and consulted on the web and smartphones
  • DinyPARK TRAFFIC: Capacity and classification of vehicles. Origin Destination Matrix. This solution allows us to obtain statistical traffic data, such as the count and classification of vehicles, average speeds on certain sections of road and the traffic flow, in such a way that it allows the infrastructure management to adjust to the needs of the user. The data is centralised and can be monitored in real-time
  • DinyPARK PMR: The locating and booking of spaces for disabled persons. Disabled people will have the DinyPARK-PMR tool which will facilitate parking using a mobile phone application, visualising the location of free spaces for these people, the status (free/taken), and they will be able to book a parking space for their destination. In this way, the availability of parking can be assured, eliminating problems when they arrive at their destination